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The day I got my glasses……….

The day I got my glasses I couldnt believe how I got through life without them.  I had never had glasses as a child and although I knew I needed them, it wasnt until I received them that I realized what a blessing they were to me.  I now saw life in High Definition.  Things that looked dull now had life.  Things that were once blurred were now crisp.  My life held so much beauty and I went years not knowing what was around me.  I kept asking myself “What was I missing?” 

I couldnt help but relate my optical vision with the vision God has for my life.  “What was I missing?”  God placed the beauty of life in my hands and for years I have been walking around with blurred vision.  I’ve been blinded by illusions of what others have made me into, or blinded by other peoples issues that I neglected the vision for myself.  There was happiness that I couldnt see.  Blessings that I couldnt receive, beauty that lived right here in my presence and I wasnt aware of it. BUT GOD.

The day I got my glasses, God made everything so clear to me. Literally and figuratively.  I am NOT my past. I am NOT my mistakes.  I am NOT anyone else’s mistake.  I AM the greatness that GOD set me out to be.  I AM the true beauty that reflects in the mirror. 

Have you gotten your vision checked lately? Where are your glasses?

  1. anotherhurdleisanothertriumph answered: I was like this, I refused to wear glasses when I was real young and I just got them few years ago, vision is amazing now!
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